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You’re about to be a part of a community of people who find themselves in need of someone who they can trust to educate, empower, and provide them with professionalism when preparing their individual or self-employment tax returns.

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We are committed to educating and empowering you, our client, with the following assurances

We are ready and able to serve as your tax professionals and help guide you down the path to financial success

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Kinetrai Kelley-Truitt is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and the owner of Truitt & Associates, LLC. She is currently a resident in Minneola, Florida along with her husband and two children ages 19 and 16. As an educator in Florida public schools for 21 years, she has a strong sense of commitment to educating her faculty, staff, and students which have led her on a journey to now begin educating and empowering her clients. Kinetrai is ready to serve as your tax professional and provide you with personable, professional, and efficient service.

Our Story

After an underpayment in taxes that resulted in owing a large amount of money to the IRS, I was determined to never be in that situation again. When reflecting on why I found that I was uneducated in the area of tax law. Embarrassed to admit – that was my truth. I began to wonder: How many other individuals found themselves in a similar situation? This launched the birth of Truitt & Associates, LLC. With a strong determination, we will provide the service of tax preparation with a deep-rooted commitment to respecting our clients and educating them on how to lower their overall taxable income. While there are thousands of tax preparation businesses, there is only a handful that is dedicated to educating their clients about financial literacy and economic stability. We achieve this through a structured business model that focuses on helping our clients feel less anxious about filing their taxes as well as providing them with a positive learning experience.

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